Congratulations to Sarah Ball who ran the New York City Marathon and raised over $1,400 for TP!

Congratulations to Sarah Ball, daughter of Team Parkinson co-chairs, John and Edna Ball, who completed the New York City Marathon in 5:05:56, and raised over $1,400 for the cause!

Thank you all so much for supporting my run! Here is the update: I finished 25 minutes faster than I expected! My time was 5:05:56. When they say that the crowd will carry you, they couldn't be more right. You all also carried me through that run. I know I had more support than just those standing on the sidelines. (Though they were the ones with the great signs... my favorite: "I'm trying to cross the street!!") The whole experience was so fun, from the ferry ride to the race start on Staten Island to the last two (uphill!) miles through Central Park. I escaped with only two little blisters and a sore knee that's already feeling better.

Again thank you, thank you, thank you! Your support means a lot to me and to my wonderful mom and dad too.


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