L.A. Times/USC Health & Fitness Festival

In October 2002, Team Parkinson participated in the LA Times/USC Health & Fitness Festival. As one of hundreds of exhibitors, Team Parkinson was proud to have a booth at this event, with attendance in the thousands. The booth was a joint effort of Team Parkinson and The Doctors of USC. We were honored to have the help of Fred Kipperman, Director of Major Gifts for the Keck School of Medicine. In addition to Mr. Kipperman, the booth was manned by John & Edna Ball, John & Wendy Rebel, Dr. Michael Jakowec, Dr. Giselle Petzinger, Dana Schneider and Nancy Williamson. Their help was much appreciated as many visitors stopped at our booth for literature and information. We were able to recruit several interested parties to join Team Parkinson and participate in our main event, LA Marathon 2003.

Of special value was the contribution of Dr. Michael Jakowec and Dr. Giselle Petzinger, both of whom worked the booth and answered medical questions. Both Drs. Jakowec and Petzinger work at the USC Movement Disorder and Parkinson Clinic. Their advice was invaluable to those visitors that had medical questions.

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