A Toast to Mary Yost

This poem dedicated to Mary Yost, the wonderful woman who conceived of the idea of Team Parkinson as an official charity of the Los Angeles Marathon, was composed by Ken Aidekman. Ken, was also instrumental in the founding of Team Parkinson. We owe a great debt of gratitude and appreciation to both Mary and Ken for their insight and hard work getting our successful organization off the ground. Enjoy this fun and happy poem!

A Toast to Mary Yost

I propose a toast to Mary Yost.
She is the best from coast to coast.

She’s well-connected to all three.

Mary found us a lovely marathon spot
In sunny Los Angeles – except when it’s not.

Then she called her good friend Zobel, Margot
‘Cause she thought to herself: What the Hell do I know?

I can lobby for Parkinson’s all day long.
I can turn my thoughts into a clever song.

But raising funds with a special event?
How do I do it? Should I borrow a tent?

There’s our organizations, too many by far.
Can I keep them all happy? Oh no, where’s the bar?

Come Carol and Margot, Mignone and Ken.
Help me put this together. Don’t ask where or when.

I have the smarts and the guts to take chances,
But, it takes lots of folks to do one of these dances.

Thanks all of you kindly for helping me out.
Team Parkinson LA is what it’s about.

Thanks John and Edna for taking the Ball.
And bless you May May for heeding the call.

Yes, thanks everyone when the credits are read.
Just remember Team Parkinson came straight from my head!


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