Getting to Know Team Bugnatto

by Jen Bugnatto, Volunteer Chair, Team Parkinson Bay Area

How you got your team name?
Named after our family.

Do you run/walk/cheer/give?
All of the above!

Which SF Marathon events are your team members signed up for?
Second half marathon and 5K.

Why/who do you run for?
My father George.

Story about the person you are running for:
My father was diagnosed with PD in 1987.  We had never heard of Parkinson's Disease when he was diagnosed.  My father was very social, he loved life and loved to be around people and experience new things.  Unfortunately he lost his battle with PD in 2002 after complications from an infection he was too weak to fight off because of the Parkinson's.  It was a year later that I contacted the Parkinson Alliance about organizing a running team to raise money in his honor for Parkinson's research, and formed the first team in San Francisco.  I wish I had known about Team Parkinson when he was still living, he would have loved to have been involved and to meet all the other families!  His spirit is always with our team when we are out on the race course.

How do you primarily raise funds?
Emails and letters to family and friends.

How many years have you been with Team Parkinson?
Ten years.  I started the SF Bay Area Chapter.

What is your favorite Team Parkinson memory?
I have several... I always love meeting all the families at the expo and the team dinner.  I will never forget my first run across the golden gate bridge in year one.  Cheering on Greg Riehl of the Riehl Team as he finished his first full marathon with PD last year was a special moment.   I love seeing all the children that come out to do the 5K with their families, including the babies in their strollers with the Team P colors on.

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