A Story of Inspiration and Hope by TP Participant Summer Jarratt - 11/11/2013


Life is so unexpected. Our mom has always been a healthy, fit person. She was a runner, aerobics and spinning instructor, a student of Pilates and yoga and always has our family hiking every chance she gets. Long story short, fitness is her passion!

So when she was diagnosed with PD, our family was shocked … followed by bouts of confusion, sadness and anger. But fortunately, early on in a visit with her neurologist, she was introduced to John Ball and Team Parkinson. In a flood of books, pamphlets and websites, John’s message stood out. His book was about someone with a positive attitude and tenacity using running as a tool against PD. It made sense.

PD is frustrating because its trajectory is so individual and unpredictable. There is no clear path or control.

Our family first met John in March 2012 at Dodger Stadium when we were picking up our race bibs at the Expo in torrentially pouring rain. John had run the 5K earlier that morning, was soaking and freezing, but still out at the Team Parkinson booth, with Edna, to greet the team. For our family, it was a moment consistent with our philosophy. We have run with Team Parkinson each year since.

In 2012, our team Run DMC had two half-marathoners and raised over $2,000. In 2013, we had two marathoners, two half-marathoners and two 5Kers and raised over $8,000. In 2014, we are back. The plan is to run like crazy and meet our fundraising goal of $10,000. The Team Parkinson experience has been a great one for our family in so many ways. And did we mention, one of our half-marathoners in 2014 is our mom, Diana! How about that?

Summer Jarratt, Team Captain, Run DMC

Rissa, Diana, and Summer Jarratt
Rissa and Summer Jarratt running the 2-person relay for their mom, Diana