Team Parkinson's Back from the 2012 NPF Young Onset Parkinson's Disease Symposium - Irvine, CA - 06/18/2012

Team Parkinson, represented by co-chairs John and Edna Ball, enjoyed two information-packed days at the NPF Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Symposium in Irvine, CA.  There were numerous excellent speakers and a very engaged audience of people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. The talks covered every aspect of living with and managing Parkinson’s disease. There was discussion of physical and cognitive issues, an holistic approach to treating Parkinson’s, the science of what actually goes on in the brain, how to handle other medical problems in addition to PD, and the latest research in the field. Most thrilling for us was the universal belief of all the speakers that exercise, a fact proven through scientific studies, is vitally important for PD, validating one of the three branches of our mission to empower people living with PD to improve the quality of their lives through exercise! So…you really should join us for the San Francisco Marathon events on Sunday, July 29, 2012!   RUN/WALK/CHEER/GIVE.

Dr. Monique Giroux, Edna Ball, Dr. Giselle Petzinger John Ball, Dr. Jeff Bronstein, and Edna Ball