Getting to Know Team Richardson - 07/11/2012

by Lyle Richardson, Sacramento, CA

What is the name of your Team?
We are Team Richardson, Dewey & Lyle.  

SF Marathon events your team members are signed up for?
We are scheduled to do the Progressive Marathon this year in SF.

Why/who you run for?
I am Dewey's most dedicated fan, having our 25th wedding anniversary this October, 2012.  Our first knowledge of PD was because of our personal friendship with John & Edna Ball and the fund-raising they did thru Team Parkinson. Ironically, in June 2006 Dewey was also diagnosed with PD at the age of 67. Our initial decision to fund-raise and participate in a 5K run was that November when we heard about the California International Marathon to be held in December in our home town, Sacramento. Since then, every year except 2009 we have
motivated each other to run 5Ks at the SF Marathon and 2011 at the LA Marathon. We have to say our pinnacle event was 2009 when we both completed the Half Marathon up and down the hilly streets of S.F.

Thus far, we have been very blessed that Dewey's PD appears slow-progressing; we believe due in part to early diagnosis & medication, and a predominantly healthy diet & lifestyle. Dewey has always been my Knight in Shining Armor.  However, as I observe him push thru symptomatic behaviors by keeping his mind and hands busy with special projects such as the restoration of his father's 1956 F-100 pickup, my admiration for him continually reaches new heights.